My work on me

Presenting my works in Handicraft Market at Green House, the historical building in Wanchai, Hong Kong.

And, I, certainly present my work.  This is Swarovski Rhine stones jewclayed on Miao-silver neck ring.

Miao silver always be presented in its ethically traditions.  Jewclay colors it in nonordinary form and let Rhine stones sparkling in all wises. 


Late night itchy

HKgers always say somebody is sick for doing something (in a joke mode saying), itchy… People love to play mahjong game and keep sick for calling up friends to throw a game, friends will joke him a mahjong hand itchy.

I have sickness for such itchy too, and it always happen in late night; Just one diff that I don’t need to call any friends but said goodnight to my family; hand itchy of something DIY.

My hubby has used with it and told her daughter on next morning, “mommy was late night itchy again.” in their breakfast time.

Well, it happened, most of the late nights; and this is last night during my mood-less for sleep.

Yeap, good sleep once completed with satisfactory.


write her a rose


The fabric is given from a friend, Louisa.  I know she loves handmade stuffs and calligraphy.

2016-04-11 13.04.23_副本

a hair clip also be used as a corsage; back by lace with handmade edge-burnt roses with pearls and ribbon, always great to attach with a jewclay pendant; I made a little L lettering by marble-mode pin with a sparkling lilac stone.

Jewclay with Swarovski crystal butterfly on burnt-edge Camellia.

Engraved Jewclay with a Swarovski crystal butterfly is great to enrich the layers and gradation of color for burnt-edge flower.

This camellia in red, I used some recycled jewelry pouch, some pink chiffon petals and date-red ribbons.

2015-06-05 12.21.08


Jewclay in soft pink

Jewclay red + white to be this cotton candy pink.

Easy chase Swarovski Rhine stones and engraved some leaves.


Email us if you would like to order the Ring base which is rhodium plated on silver, price at HK$45.

Certainly don’t miss out the clay, JEWCLAY any color just at HK$180/ each for each pack (40g).

Email us:


soft candies

Another pandora-styled beads + charms on open-bangle; but in kid’s size.

This is a little gift for my best friend’s daughter, she was enjoying so much to learn Jewclay how-to from me the another day.


早前好友的女兒在跟我學 Jewclay 時玩得很高興;我也給她做一個軟糖的手環吧。