soft candies

Another pandora-styled beads + charms on open-bangle; but in kid’s size.

This is a little gift for my best friend’s daughter, she was enjoying so much to learn Jewclay how-to from me the another day.


早前好友的女兒在跟我學 Jewclay 時玩得很高興;我也給她做一個軟糖的手環吧。

Class in Binshu Studio, Macau met with Oh My Hand, a handmade crafts association newly established in Macau, at a creative expo in November.

We are so glad to be invited for a special class held at their registered address, a nice studio names Binshu Studio (邊樹) for few of their core committees and members to experience JEWCLAY.

The class was held on 7/Dec/2014, a warm Saturday afternoon.

2014-12-07 02.34.22

JEWCLAY 珠寶黏土鑲嵌 [ 小熊貓胸針體驗班 ]

panda brooch 1006


英國家庭風 Party Room & 手藝工作坊

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The Panda brooch must look too cute and draw many attention of apprentices to ask for making it in class.

Now we are having one special class at Hearties Studio on 6 Oct 2014 (Mon), this time we will complete one work in your own selected items and one Panda brooch.

Any parties be interested to join us please enroll ASAP, call/ email/ PM in Hearties contact above.