When Jewclay meets preserved flowers

This is a tiny square photo frame, to make it a nice flowery wall decoration with recently in trend preserved flowers.

Sometimes the flower yet to make our ideal mood may caused by limit of flowers’ nature color, now we may use Jewclay to fine tune it.

a small pendant with your own assigned color mix Jewclay, add on could make a diff.

Hang it up, keep it dust free; it could last for about 1 year for no color fade and shape remaining in good condition, looks fresh.  Try it!



Flash Jewclay class

One of my best friend threw a flash class in my workshop, for her 2 aunts, in teatime today; with just couple of minutes prior notice.  A busy day, several works done in quick hands, finally. 

One of the aunties are short staying in HK for joining a banquet, and heading back NJ, USA tomorrow. 

She might be bored for else shopping but kept saying why not to have such craft class early than this last day of stay in HK.

Not less, two more Pandora alike bracelet with Jewclay prndants also done in class. We were just over busy for taking any photo.

Anyway, a happy busy afternoon.

write her a rose


The fabric is given from a friend, Louisa.  I know she loves handmade stuffs and calligraphy.

2016-04-11 13.04.23_副本

a hair clip also be used as a corsage; back by lace with handmade edge-burnt roses with pearls and ribbon, always great to attach with a jewclay pendant; I made a little L lettering by marble-mode pin with a sparkling lilac stone.

Jewclay with Swarovski crystal butterfly on burnt-edge Camellia.

Engraved Jewclay with a Swarovski crystal butterfly is great to enrich the layers and gradation of color for burnt-edge flower.

This camellia in red, I used some recycled jewelry pouch, some pink chiffon petals and date-red ribbons.

2015-06-05 12.21.08