Jewclay with Swarovski crystal butterfly on burnt-edge Camellia.

Engraved Jewclay with a Swarovski crystal butterfly is great to enrich the layers and gradation of color for burnt-edge flower.

This camellia in red, I used some recycled jewelry pouch, some pink chiffon petals and date-red ribbons.

2015-06-05 12.21.08


Red bean colored

A friend in Shenzhen gave me a pair of earrings, said she bought them in wrong size from Taobao.

See what I can do with the earrings, she just hopes not to toss it for no use.

Change it into a brooch is usually what I’like to do.  A bit mature, in this red bean mash colored; my first time to try in JEWCLAY, seems good for her mom.

What’s color another earring to be?  Not sure yet. One thing I am pretty sure, they will be a pair of great gift in coming season, for the mother and the daughter.