Double-sided sequinned pattern

Double sided sequinned pattern; on notebook cover, cushion cover, kids wear…become so hot in market. In fact, it’s really playful stuffs indeed.

I bought my nieces small tee; one gets Spider-Man transforming to Captain America; another one from a pinky heart transforming into little pony; both are so cute surely the kids love it much.

Myself, wanna get one; sometimes let’s go childishly thought.

Found one not my favourite colour but cute too; a very big round pattern with a pink heart; or colour ver versa.

Due to the size is really too big I decided to make on my back and almost ensure kids would discover it a game to standing behind me. lol

To have the front not over plain: I made some embroidery with cut-out flowers from a piece of lace.


Little gift for a new special couple

A new couple just overcome the flood in their house; everything finally settled.

Send them a little gift for their newly fix-up home.

Cloth piece, ribbon, badge Mr & Mrs Potato Head; they are so cute, come from my clearance of workshop; however I am sure my friend who know me much don’t mind so.

Is this right, my dear Mr & Mrs Potato Head. 😉

Gift for beloved one

Shared a photo posted in Crafty Sue; her girl is wearing Sue’s latest work of JEWCLAY, the kid is proud of displaying mom’s work.  Guess Sue is much happier than ever.

Make one for your beloved one.

Thanks Giving Day is 28th November 2014; a black Friday; but for sure it would be bright and a sweet day if your beloved persons receive your little gift.

Time to workout some gifts, how about JEWCLAY?  I would.


Chloe in Tiffany

Follow my steps:

  1. cut out 10mm thickness from JEWCLAY-white A clay from its packed bar.
  2. use JEWCLAY-green A clay, little bit; just like the portion to compare the white A clay in picture.
  3. Mix them into your own green color, keep the mixture in a ball shaped.
  4. Cut out about same size of B clay from packing.
  5. Rub clay A mixture to mix thru with clay B.
  6. You would find the Tiffany color has come out.  Fill the hair band tray with your Tiffany colored clay mixture with soft touch of your finger tipping the edge well.
  7. Put the parts on top of the clay, straightly push a bit into the clay for fixing it well.
  8. Brush on some cosmetic use glittering powder on surface of clay.
  9. Leave the whole thing in safe for room temperature.  It would be perfect and ready your daily use after 8 hours.



Art Jam with Crafty Sue Lau

Introducing craft-artist Crafty Sue Lau, come from Singapore.


A mother with 2 little girls, Sue should reserve more parenting time at home and found her hobby to creating craft works in those little pieces of time when breaks from babysitting.  She starts with boutonnieres making in silk and various fabric, then extend to floral home decorations.

Sue found her interest in JEWCLAY and come for an Art Jam with us this morning, a happy time for more interaction and discovery.  She tries tiffany blue color mixture in JEWCLAY to ensure JEWCLAY’s possibility of a perfect match to go along her signature works.  We are looking forward to see her upcoming masterpieces before long.


accessory parts for JEWCLAY works

We yet able to keep big quantity of parts in our inventory, hence we reserve priority supply to our JEWCLAY users.

Please message us to order details.

(note: stated unit price are not including postage.  Shipping cost will be quoted per order quantity, in agreeable best shipment solution.)





parts catalog update 11/9/2014
parts catalog update 11/9/2014