Chloe in Tiffany

Follow my steps:

  1. cut out 10mm thickness from JEWCLAY-white A clay from its packed bar.
  2. use JEWCLAY-green A clay, little bit; just like the portion to compare the white A clay in picture.
  3. Mix them into your own green color, keep the mixture in a ball shaped.
  4. Cut out about same size of B clay from packing.
  5. Rub clay A mixture to mix thru with clay B.
  6. You would find the Tiffany color has come out.  Fill the hair band tray with your Tiffany colored clay mixture with soft touch of your finger tipping the edge well.
  7. Put the parts on top of the clay, straightly push a bit into the clay for fixing it well.
  8. Brush on some cosmetic use glittering powder on surface of clay.
  9. Leave the whole thing in safe for room temperature.  It would be perfect and ready your daily use after 8 hours.