Russian Doll, a DIY tag

Received a facebook tag calling from Ruby, a college alumna, her friend Ah-Yu who is now fighting to a very bad situation of bone cancer.  She needs more courage from blessings for beating the pain from physically reacted in various process of chemotherapy and mentally from the changes from the lost of her beautiful face.  She is a young lady just married not long.

Ruby wishes me to support her thought to make a little thing and send this young lady to make her remaining hope for every another bright day.  If we could invite more DIYers to join this event, we may keep Ah-Yu happier expecting during her days.

Ah-Yu loves Russian dolls, Ruby would like to make this as our campaign subject.

My first time to design something with this topic/theme.  I did some research and thinking to make something easy to carry along and practical for her daily use.

Then, I decided to make a shoe-pouche; for her to keep smiling when seeing this on going in and out clinics.




soft candies

Another pandora-styled beads + charms on open-bangle; but in kid’s size.

This is a little gift for my best friend’s daughter, she was enjoying so much to learn Jewclay how-to from me the another day.


早前好友的女兒在跟我學 Jewclay 時玩得很高興;我也給她做一個軟糖的手環吧。

Pandora styled charm bracelet for a celebrity singer

Venus Yiu, a celebrity singer, song-writer, anchor of Roadshow and copywriter…. she plays her various roles in entertainment industry and even further to advertisement and medias very well with her fervently heart and super hardworking to possess an immense talent. Sometimes I really can’t believe that she still keeps her English private teaching.

Friends same my age found our conversations in my Facebook and some photos Venus and I met in activities, they asked me who is she and why they never heard about her album.  I told them she may yet to be very popular, she may not sing very well in every show, she may not in a model shaped; but I am unable to find another likes her works in such public-spirited and dream-making-true-spirited.  The road for being a public figure never been an ease; but only the way you may get a chance for success, keep moving forward and self-improving to be best of best.

We chat sometimes, we grab little break time to meet…likes today, I stop-by backstage in her show for a singing performance at a social activity.

I deliver her a little gift; we hug in delightsome, in this happy Sunday.







private class on Apr11

a private tea party, with intimate friends and a cousin joined in with short notice.  Unexpectedly the kid of my friend really enjoyed much with her fingers dancing on Jewclay.  She even broke a new record my class, she completed 4 Jewclay works by herself within 2 hours session.  She helped her mom to complete 2 pairs of cliff links for her dad; what a sweet gifts bring home after a weekend time spend.

原先只不過相約兩位閨蜜茶聚,順便試玩 Jewclay;後來踫巧表弟經過臨時加入。最想不到的是最享受 Jewclay 樂的是閨蜜的女兒。別看她年紀小小,小手指很快已領會那巧妙的窺門和力度,指頭在 Jewclay 上輕跳舞著;還打破了我教學中兩小時體驗課可完成的作品紀錄,她自行完成四件作品,還幫媽媽手為爸爸造了兩對袖口鈕。呵!這位爸爸今個週末可得到最窩心的禮物啊!


Gift for beloved one

Shared a photo posted in Crafty Sue; her girl is wearing Sue’s latest work of JEWCLAY, the kid is proud of displaying mom’s work.  Guess Sue is much happier than ever.

Make one for your beloved one.

Thanks Giving Day is 28th November 2014; a black Friday; but for sure it would be bright and a sweet day if your beloved persons receive your little gift.

Time to workout some gifts, how about JEWCLAY?  I would.


Chloe in Tiffany

Follow my steps:

  1. cut out 10mm thickness from JEWCLAY-white A clay from its packed bar.
  2. use JEWCLAY-green A clay, little bit; just like the portion to compare the white A clay in picture.
  3. Mix them into your own green color, keep the mixture in a ball shaped.
  4. Cut out about same size of B clay from packing.
  5. Rub clay A mixture to mix thru with clay B.
  6. You would find the Tiffany color has come out.  Fill the hair band tray with your Tiffany colored clay mixture with soft touch of your finger tipping the edge well.
  7. Put the parts on top of the clay, straightly push a bit into the clay for fixing it well.
  8. Brush on some cosmetic use glittering powder on surface of clay.
  9. Leave the whole thing in safe for room temperature.  It would be perfect and ready your daily use after 8 hours.



Crafty Sue x JEWCLAY more

After an Art-Jam with Crafty Sue Lau, come from Singapore; Sue started to work out more tests and trials on JEWCLAY once she return her home country.

She doubted JEWCLAY’s stain washing, and found those really good even soaked in soft foam water.


Besides, she brainstormed us we might despise the prospect in JEWCLAY-yellow.  See she did a great job to show us her work in silky yellow with pearl powder; looks glamour with pearls, right!


More Crafty Sue Lau’s works, please visit her Facebook: CraftySueLau 

Fill Colors on your hair pieces

Ladies; we always found many hair grips we need.  Because if we get bumps you would want to fix them, but always find the grips or rubber band have lost somewhere.

I love Pony Tail….young and chic don’t you?

Come to make one nice now with JEWCLAY and tie up yours, it shows pretty and unique just likes your own characterized.

DSC_0366_副本 DSC_0367_副本 DSC_0368_副本