Pink & purple dottie

Contrest from the centerpiece by JEWCLAY may further enriches the fabric corsage a whole but little more details a plus.



Art Jam with Crafty Sue Lau

Introducing craft-artist Crafty Sue Lau, come from Singapore.


A mother with 2 little girls, Sue should reserve more parenting time at home and found her hobby to creating craft works in those little pieces of time when breaks from babysitting.  She starts with boutonnieres making in silk and various fabric, then extend to floral home decorations.

Sue found her interest in JEWCLAY and come for an Art Jam with us this morning, a happy time for more interaction and discovery.  She tries tiffany blue color mixture in JEWCLAY to ensure JEWCLAY’s possibility of a perfect match to go along her signature works.  We are looking forward to see her upcoming masterpieces before long.