Double-sided sequinned pattern

Double sided sequinned pattern; on notebook cover, cushion cover, kids wear…become so hot in market. In fact, it’s really playful stuffs indeed.

I bought my nieces small tee; one gets Spider-Man transforming to Captain America; another one from a pinky heart transforming into little pony; both are so cute surely the kids love it much.

Myself, wanna get one; sometimes let’s go childishly thought.

Found one not my favourite colour but cute too; a very big round pattern with a pink heart; or colour ver versa.

Due to the size is really too big I decided to make on my back and almost ensure kids would discover it a game to standing behind me. lol

To have the front not over plain: I made some embroidery with cut-out flowers from a piece of lace.








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手工網友 Winnie 是位編織高手。





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Bowtie makes everything better

2016-03-15 22.21.48_副本

a small piece of woven tape found in a leftover materials assortment pack, its less than 1 meter nothing good to be made.

Simple always the best, tie a bow; bowties always make everything better.

2016-03-15 13.50.29_副本




Pandora styled charm bracelet for a celebrity singer

Venus Yiu, a celebrity singer, song-writer, anchor of Roadshow and copywriter…. she plays her various roles in entertainment industry and even further to advertisement and medias very well with her fervently heart and super hardworking to possess an immense talent. Sometimes I really can’t believe that she still keeps her English private teaching.

Friends same my age found our conversations in my Facebook and some photos Venus and I met in activities, they asked me who is she and why they never heard about her album.  I told them she may yet to be very popular, she may not sing very well in every show, she may not in a model shaped; but I am unable to find another likes her works in such public-spirited and dream-making-true-spirited.  The road for being a public figure never been an ease; but only the way you may get a chance for success, keep moving forward and self-improving to be best of best.

We chat sometimes, we grab little break time to meet…likes today, I stop-by backstage in her show for a singing performance at a social activity.

I deliver her a little gift; we hug in delightsome, in this happy Sunday.







special order from dearest mentor

Ms SS Choy, my life mentor; she was my teacher in my college days but we then had more and more precious time shared after I graduated from college.

She always supports and loves my jewelry designs even when I was just in beginner time; and not hard to see her wearing in those my works any other casual days.  I guess this is what real supportive and appreciative means; lovely her.

She asked me earlier a night why she hasn’t received any pandora styled bracelet yet, that she found both my affiliate Crafty Sue and I started to have those styles, she admires and place me a very special private order that I have no way to say cannot.

She wants to have gold rush + sweet mandarin color tone plus a little softy pink.


上次見她,她問我何不送她 JEWCLAY 新嘗試的潘多拉小珠手環;她喜歡,想也要一套。對於這樣的要求,我當然也歡喜不已。




樂活書緣的體驗班 27/9/2014

感謝「樂活書緣」的陳根錦博士和太太林亦子醫生的支持,讓我借用書店中的空間;跟幾位 JEWCLAY 學員分享了一個愉快午後,店長還為我介紹進店來的顧客。



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