write her a rose


The fabric is given from a friend, Louisa.  I know she loves handmade stuffs and calligraphy.

2016-04-11 13.04.23_副本

a hair clip also be used as a corsage; back by lace with handmade edge-burnt roses with pearls and ribbon, always great to attach with a jewclay pendant; I made a little L lettering by marble-mode pin with a sparkling lilac stone.

Jewclay in soft pink

Jewclay red + white to be this cotton candy pink.

Easy chase Swarovski Rhine stones and engraved some leaves.


Email us if you would like to order the Ring base which is rhodium plated on silver, price at HK$45.

Certainly don’t miss out the clay, JEWCLAY any color just at HK$180/ each for each pack (40g).

Email us: hkbgibee@gmail.com


Jewclay Class in Singapore

If you are living in Singapore, or any of your friend in Singapore is interested in making own jewelry; please tell him/her this is a class about‪ #‎Jewclay‬, a easy media for precious stones or crystals to be enchased, NO Oven, NO coloring; 8 hours stay in temperature can make your own jewelry design a durable wearing; but unique in your own character! ~~Enjoy Jewclay!

如果您的 Singapore 朋友對製作首飾感到興趣,就請邀請他/她參加這個‪#‎Jewclay‬ 課程吧!不要錯過這種簡易、不需烤焗、不需上色;但可以達到珠寶鑲嵌的技術,製作獨一無異的個人風格珠寶飾品!


jewclay class singapore

Pandora styled charm bracelet for a celebrity singer

Venus Yiu, a celebrity singer, song-writer, anchor of Roadshow and copywriter…. she plays her various roles in entertainment industry and even further to advertisement and medias very well with her fervently heart and super hardworking to possess an immense talent. Sometimes I really can’t believe that she still keeps her English private teaching.

Friends same my age found our conversations in my Facebook and some photos Venus and I met in activities, they asked me who is she and why they never heard about her album.  I told them she may yet to be very popular, she may not sing very well in every show, she may not in a model shaped; but I am unable to find another likes her works in such public-spirited and dream-making-true-spirited.  The road for being a public figure never been an ease; but only the way you may get a chance for success, keep moving forward and self-improving to be best of best.

We chat sometimes, we grab little break time to meet…likes today, I stop-by backstage in her show for a singing performance at a social activity.

I deliver her a little gift; we hug in delightsome, in this happy Sunday.







new friends from JE handcrafts

Nothing more happy than a mail receiving from our friendly offshore city, Macau; where is far but close to HK.  Further that, few DIY tutors from a workshop specialist in silver clay are interested in Jewclay; looking for exposure of clay on jewelry.

Yep, we do; just like our region cities, links each other but differ in culture.  Folk but has ethnically history background.

Thank you for my friend to share us her time and venue.

Welcome 3 ladies from JE Handcrafts, Macau; to meet me this afternoon, we had happy time shared.

Looking forward more Jewclay Classes to be held in Macau and more people could enjoy in it’s creativity!



Fix up my brother’s broken clifflink

My younger brother lost a part of his pair of cliff-link.  He left me to fix them in a new design with JEWCLAY.


Some days after…when I checked carefully on them…

Wait, I found its not come like my expected ease.  Once after I screwed out the cap…..shit, they are not same in a pair.

Simply the first design in mind, change it to be a simple look.  Use 6mm clear rhine stone on JEWCLAY-black.

Simple is good, right?  Especially for a big man.

Alright! Repair Done!

2015-01-06 15.36.45_副本


This is the last design item b.gi Design’s team to submit at the last hour by deadline for #CRECRA for a handmade design contest, names SHOW ME CRAFT, which is held jointly by CRECRA x Joint Publishing Ltd.

The Subject is GIFT FOR NEW HOME

It possibly not having enough time for calling vote, but we made it, a series of 3 items under a team work.

It’s already our greatly pleasure if you just like it.

b.gi Design has prepared wine charms, wine glasses; how can we miss out a wine opener. See this sweet lovers to help for open your wine. Cheers!

這作品是 b.gi Design 團隊在CRECRA x 三聯書店合辦的一個以「新居賀禮」為題的手作創作比賽中,最後一小時前趕起的最後一件設計作品。




IMG_9827_wine opener f

IMG_9827_wine opener m IMG_9833_wine opener


b.gi Design 被邀請參加由 CRECRA x 三聯書店合辦的一個以「新居賀禮」為題的手作創作比賽。我和星加坡的 Crafty Sue Lau 一起合作設計了以紅酒杯套裝,配以 #JEWCLAY# 及各顏色 #SWAROVSKI 晶鑽的配搭的作品參加。有留意 b.gi Design x JEWCLAY 發展的朋友,也許發現,將 JEWCLAY 引用到紅酒杯的實用性上的創作,這設計早在11月時,特別為褔幼基金的20週年晚宴禮品而誕生;之後照片得到很多朋友的讚賞;我和Sue 就決定以這個作為參賽作品。

相約朋友到家品酒同歡,最麻煩是要認回各自的酒杯。不同設計的香檳酒杯可解決此煩惱,金黃色設計加上不同顏色之閃石為酒杯增添華麗氣派。JEWCLAY 粘土防水兼硬度高,完全無需擔心清潔問題。

1) 投票請擊入下面圖片即 CRECRA x 三聯書店 的比賽頁
2) 在頁尾的”LIKE” 分享到你 Facebook 去。

b.gi Design is invited by #CRECRA for a handmade design contest, names SHOW ME CRAFT, which is held jointly by CRECRA x Joint Publishing Ltd.


Wine Glass Charm is a popular but special item for individual collection which can be used to dress your glass up, or for presenting to dear friends to celebrate any celebration and event or any other occasions, it’s really the essential and wonderful favor for all the parties. However, we may find our wine charms every time when we need them ready for next coming event….how about different colored #Swarovski rhine stones strictly label your wine glass as build-in feature?

We need your vote, certainly; if you like our design. Please:
1) click into the photo link to the contest page
2) click “LIKE” at the page button and share this with your friends in your Facebook.

Thank you for your support to b.gi Design!

CRECRA wineglass 1 CRECRA wineglass 2

Chaa Yen 在她博客 ForFunk 中對 JEWCLAY 的介紹

Handicraft Time with Crafty Sue Lau

Article quoted from ForFunk: http://forfunk.blogspot.sg/2014/12/handicraft-time-with-crafty-sue-lau.html?m=1

Chaa Yen 是一位星加坡博客,文章主要環繞時尚文化為題。

她月初於 Crafty Sue 的工作室裡體驗過 JEWCLAY 後,就 Crafty Sue 的 JEWCLAY 作品,和 JEWCLAY 本身使用,都作了個詳盡的介紹;很值得初心者來作個參考呢。

Class in Binshu Studio, Macau

b.gi met with Oh My Hand, a handmade crafts association newly established in Macau, at a creative expo in November.

We are so glad to be invited for a special class held at their registered address, a nice studio names Binshu Studio (邊樹) for few of their core committees and members to experience JEWCLAY.

The class was held on 7/Dec/2014, a warm Saturday afternoon.

2014-12-07 02.34.22