Bowtie makes everything better

2016-03-15 22.21.48_副本

a small piece of woven tape found in a leftover materials assortment pack, its less than 1 meter nothing good to be made.

Simple always the best, tie a bow; bowties always make everything better.

2016-03-15 13.50.29_副本




From bracelet to earrings set

Get boredom from a bracelet bought from Taipei, it looks a bit old fashioned.





Find a pair old-fashioned earrings I wore during nine-to-five.  Must get them a change.



One more combination for more changes, with the entire part.



A mother & daughter’s work;

My girl gave me her little ‪#‎felting‬ ‪#‎bluebird‬. I collage with some ‪#‎Xmas‬ ding-dong and bling bling crystal stones; on a wool wrapped wooden ring. A ‪#‎Xmastreedecoration‬ to send across miles for our family friend’s tree.

Merry Christmas!

2015-12-13 17.45.57

Put JEWCLAY badge on my first work of leather pouche

This is my first leather work, thank you for a happy class offered by Ms Joey Cheng.

Obviously I am still to newbie on leather goods making, there was a little flaw on front panel to cover the magnetic buckle. I decided to let my JEWCLAY to coverup that mistake.  The sewing stitches are not perfect too, but at least JEWCLAY badge could make the pouche more in my style.

2014-09-14 23.57.19

accessory parts for JEWCLAY works

We yet able to keep big quantity of parts in our inventory, hence we reserve priority supply to our JEWCLAY users.

Please message us to order details.

(note: stated unit price are not including postage.  Shipping cost will be quoted per order quantity, in agreeable best shipment solution.)





parts catalog update 11/9/2014
parts catalog update 11/9/2014

2014/8/17 JEWCLAY Experience (special class in a doll collector tea party)

This is another special experience for sharing JEWCLAY with a group of doll collectors in their scheduled tea party, a playful afternoon at Owl Station again.

We had lovely dolls they all pretty dressed, a lot of laugh, fruity tea, yummy mango cake; and certainly we had our JEWCLAY works.

Check how it was in this happy tea party…

collage_JEWCLAY class 140817A collage_JEWCLAY class 140817B


2014/8/10 JEWCLAY Experience Class

This is the first time of “Experiencing JEWCLAY Class” held on 10-Aug-2014, at’s friendly restaurant.

The venue may not the most feasible place for a class, but we all enjoyed so much in it.

A relaxing Saturday afternoon, happy sharing of making our own designed fashion accessories with JEWCLAY and an excited discovery on how JEWCLAY it is.

For sure that we learned experience for having better and better class in coming future, and thank you so much for those whom support Design for joining us the fun we had in JEWCLAY.

collage_JEWCLAY class 140810


Fill Colors on your hair pieces

Ladies; we always found many hair grips we need.  Because if we get bumps you would want to fix them, but always find the grips or rubber band have lost somewhere.

I love Pony Tail….young and chic don’t you?

Come to make one nice now with JEWCLAY and tie up yours, it shows pretty and unique just likes your own characterized.

DSC_0366_副本 DSC_0367_副本 DSC_0368_副本