Russian Doll, a DIY tag

Received a facebook tag calling from Ruby, a college alumna, her friend Ah-Yu who is now fighting to a very bad situation of bone cancer.  She needs more courage from blessings for beating the pain from physically reacted in various process of chemotherapy and mentally from the changes from the lost of her beautiful face.  She is a young lady just married not long.

Ruby wishes me to support her thought to make a little thing and send this young lady to make her remaining hope for every another bright day.  If we could invite more DIYers to join this event, we may keep Ah-Yu happier expecting during her days.

Ah-Yu loves Russian dolls, Ruby would like to make this as our campaign subject.

My first time to design something with this topic/theme.  I did some research and thinking to make something easy to carry along and practical for her daily use.

Then, I decided to make a shoe-pouche; for her to keep smiling when seeing this on going in and out clinics.





write her a rose


The fabric is given from a friend, Louisa.  I know she loves handmade stuffs and calligraphy.

2016-04-11 13.04.23_副本

a hair clip also be used as a corsage; back by lace with handmade edge-burnt roses with pearls and ribbon, always great to attach with a jewclay pendant; I made a little L lettering by marble-mode pin with a sparkling lilac stone.

Mini roses blossoming in craft-garden

2016-04-04 10.57.29_副本.jpg

Some small pieces of polyester (we generally simply call them silk) fabrics got from a friend’s sampling room, a garment manufacturer in HK.

She wondered if those small fabric swatches are good enough for my flowery making, she remembers some similar ones I showed in website.

Oh yes, that’s a treasure!  Those are really great as nice colored pattern imprinted polyester pieces are really hard to find and meters are not affordable for just few tiny flowery making.

Fact finding there are very less meters in diversified colors or pattern imprinted on local pieces-goods stores’ racks.

color tone


From bracelet to earrings set

Get boredom from a bracelet bought from Taipei, it looks a bit old fashioned.





Find a pair old-fashioned earrings I wore during nine-to-five.  Must get them a change.



One more combination for more changes, with the entire part.




This is the last design item Design’s team to submit at the last hour by deadline for #CRECRA for a handmade design contest, names SHOW ME CRAFT, which is held jointly by CRECRA x Joint Publishing Ltd.

The Subject is GIFT FOR NEW HOME

It possibly not having enough time for calling vote, but we made it, a series of 3 items under a team work.

It’s already our greatly pleasure if you just like it. Design has prepared wine charms, wine glasses; how can we miss out a wine opener. See this sweet lovers to help for open your wine. Cheers!

這作品是 Design 團隊在CRECRA x 三聯書店合辦的一個以「新居賀禮」為題的手作創作比賽中,最後一小時前趕起的最後一件設計作品。



IMG_9827_wine opener f

IMG_9827_wine opener m IMG_9833_wine opener

樂活書緣的體驗班 27/9/2014

感謝「樂活書緣」的陳根錦博士和太太林亦子醫生的支持,讓我借用書店中的空間;跟幾位 JEWCLAY 學員分享了一個愉快午後,店長還為我介紹進店來的顧客。



class collage

Put JEWCLAY badge on my first work of leather pouche

This is my first leather work, thank you for a happy class offered by Ms Joey Cheng.

Obviously I am still to newbie on leather goods making, there was a little flaw on front panel to cover the magnetic buckle. I decided to let my JEWCLAY to coverup that mistake.  The sewing stitches are not perfect too, but at least JEWCLAY badge could make the pouche more in my style.

2014-09-14 23.57.19