Flash Jewclay class

One of my best friend threw a flash class in my workshop, for her 2 aunts, in teatime today; with just couple of minutes prior notice.  A busy day, several works done in quick hands, finally. 

One of the aunties are short staying in HK for joining a banquet, and heading back NJ, USA tomorrow. 

She might be bored for else shopping but kept saying why not to have such craft class early than this last day of stay in HK.

Not less, two more Pandora alike bracelet with Jewclay prndants also done in class. We were just over busy for taking any photo.

Anyway, a happy busy afternoon.


Crack on gem

Found a gem crack, its normal but its not broken.  Any how to hidden the crack and make sure it wont be a broken point?

I use jewclay and engraved lace with 3D roses by the end, then swarovski stones make the rose shining.



Jewclay is also featured clay work

I always enjoy to mix the color of Jewclay, but sometimes I even forget that Jewclay is clay itself and good for shaping.

The “bird” parts is not easy to affix on the smoothness of shell and its weight difference, Jewclay as a certain good to fix and stick both 2 surfaces hard, but we could even do little bit more for shape the semblance of ringside.  This do, could fix the metal parts more strong and also in decorate purpose.

由於 JEWCLAY 在顏色上的混調是那樣出色,有時連我也會忘記了它本身其實也是一種黏土;既然是黏土,也就可以雕刻出一些形狀來。

這件作品,金件的小鳥部份要黏合到背面那貝殼上,對 Jewclay 的黏合用途來說,毫不困難;不過,我們可以再進一小步,把金件外圍的多餘的 Jewclay  雕上一些圖案,變成葉子;那就既把這較重的金件定好在薄薄的貝殼片上,也就簡單地為作品添了顏色。。


Up-cycling Set

Up-cycling Work; the necklace was broken into pieces some years ago, as how we see its in photo it has turned to out-fashioned and hard to match with clothing even yes I can fix it.  It’s a very ancient Chinese ink washing painting styled, nice but bit of too much not quite easy to carry in days.

I rather to transform them each in completely a new style.


First work, I let the biggest 2 parts which almost in same shape to be a new brooch.  One to be back by a semi-precious stone names wax gourd, loll with a fresh water pearl.

Another one, back by a golden painted wooden ring.




The smallest part, I back it on a piece of mother pearl.  This, besides tassel, Swarovski rhine stones on JEWCLAY made beads and a semi-precious stone names water-melon.  A full version but a emerald mood well integrated.

Certainly there are some design restricted in transformation, even JEWCLAY may not able to cover or replace as all.  They change to be useful in wardrobe again at least, worth do.




小的金件,我只能托上一片貝殼、圓片。為豐富整條中式垂掛長鍊,把 JEWCLAY 搓成陶珠,配上Swarovski 晶鑽。加了片厚重的西瓜石;這件作品加入了很多元素,但整合了一條很有綠寶感的呢。


Gift for beloved one

Shared a photo posted in Crafty Sue; her girl is wearing Sue’s latest work of JEWCLAY, the kid is proud of displaying mom’s work.  Guess Sue is much happier than ever.

Make one for your beloved one.

Thanks Giving Day is 28th November 2014; a black Friday; but for sure it would be bright and a sweet day if your beloved persons receive your little gift.

Time to workout some gifts, how about JEWCLAY?  I would.


Collection of JEWCLAY-Green

Most of the people who joined the class of JEWCLAY not eager to take green color, they think this color not easy to match with their stones; but I don’t realize in same.

See some of my works in a GREEN collection, maybe you get a new idea for your next Jewclay work!

an ethnically Miao style but cross over to Japanese cherry blossoming season.
an ethnically Miao style but cross over to Japanese cherry blossoming season.
necklace pendant with tiny pearls
necklace pendant with tiny pearls
brooch, with a little sweet memory of rabbit.
brooch, with a little sweet memory of rabbit.
Ring, classical styled
Ring, classical styled
Ring with Swarovski rhine stones in harmony color tone.
Ring with Swarovski rhine stones in harmony color tone.