Flash Jewclay class

One of my best friend threw a flash class in my workshop, for her 2 aunts, in teatime today; with just couple of minutes prior notice.  A busy day, several works done in quick hands, finally. 

One of the aunties are short staying in HK for joining a banquet, and heading back NJ, USA tomorrow. 

She might be bored for else shopping but kept saying why not to have such craft class early than this last day of stay in HK.

Not less, two more Pandora alike bracelet with Jewclay prndants also done in class. We were just over busy for taking any photo.

Anyway, a happy busy afternoon.

Jewclay Class in Singapore

If you are living in Singapore, or any of your friend in Singapore is interested in making own jewelry; please tell him/her this is a class about‪ #‎Jewclay‬, a easy media for precious stones or crystals to be enchased, NO Oven, NO coloring; 8 hours stay in temperature can make your own jewelry design a durable wearing; but unique in your own character! ~~Enjoy Jewclay!

如果您的 Singapore 朋友對製作首飾感到興趣,就請邀請他/她參加這個‪#‎Jewclay‬ 課程吧!不要錯過這種簡易、不需烤焗、不需上色;但可以達到珠寶鑲嵌的技術,製作獨一無異的個人風格珠寶飾品!


jewclay class singapore

private class on Apr11

a private tea party, with intimate friends and a cousin joined in with short notice.  Unexpectedly the kid of my friend really enjoyed much with her fingers dancing on Jewclay.  She even broke a new record my class, she completed 4 Jewclay works by herself within 2 hours session.  She helped her mom to complete 2 pairs of cliff links for her dad; what a sweet gifts bring home after a weekend time spend.

原先只不過相約兩位閨蜜茶聚,順便試玩 Jewclay;後來踫巧表弟經過臨時加入。最想不到的是最享受 Jewclay 樂的是閨蜜的女兒。別看她年紀小小,小手指很快已領會那巧妙的窺門和力度,指頭在 Jewclay 上輕跳舞著;還打破了我教學中兩小時體驗課可完成的作品紀錄,她自行完成四件作品,還幫媽媽手為爸爸造了兩對袖口鈕。呵!這位爸爸今個週末可得到最窩心的禮物啊!


Jewclay Wine-Glass Class

jewclay class poster 0418 whitehouse

Many folks asked for class when they found my pages demonstrated the creative work on wine glasses.  This is such a good idea for:

  • Wedding Gift
  • Bride & Groom’s Toast
  • New Home Gift
  • Valentine’s Day Gift
  • …….more and more

Now, I pick a nice venue; The White House in Lau Fau Shan, N.T. with her beautiful seaview for sure that we would have a lovely weekend tea time.

Let’s Come & Join Us!