Cotton Mask Maker

To become a full time cotton mask maker, in a suddenly opportunity that I have ever think about it; starting with absolutely no idea on a dollar sign but helping as much as I can be in this COVID-19 disease attack, found in mid Jan 2020 virus news origins Wuhan, China.

HK people like me all should have very sad experience in SARS 2003, during that time I was an administrator for a sizable worldwide firm. The memory recalled me all those hard time, people unemployment, mask-up and distance-living among everyone, stay home and all business in immediately crisis management; everything be kept sterilized instantly or repeating do in every hour…..that’s our nightmare.

Few DIYer friends called up in private discussion board once we preview the mask supply in coming next won’t be able to supply the market even just Asia cities…No, even not that great consideration overall and almost for sure even won’t be able to supply enough in HK local market. Along the local reporting from my family in Japan and all other cities in world surgical masks were running out all from shop shelves and store. The DIY discussion board kick-off production, right away in early Feb with all what materials on hand.

That’s the time I was having my home move that means in the same while my little home workshop should be resumed in days and refine to a small factory-mode; but I suppose to set-up another home in overseas in very shorten next future.

Anyway as how most of the human in the world we all facing the same attack, COVID-19 leads all major cities lockdown. Over 70% aircraft stopped for service. People all in to stay social isolation and searching every single mask for least protection.

I only have few boxes surgical masks on hand for supporting my family members. My full time job is suspended and I am instructed to stay home for safe until further notice. The only one thing I can make my days remaining meaningfully, should be put my whole head and hands in cotton mask making.

Up to present, nearly 200 masks had shipped over 14 cities in 9 countries: including Japan, Taiwan, USA and Australia.

Masks are all produced in Hong Kong my handmade with 100% cotton (90% fabric directly from Japan) at Clean home workshop (since 2012), sterilized working space, disinfection process (discretionary washing and high temperature ironing) before shipping or in OZONE discretionary storage.

My mask will bring along my wish to everyone I care, hope them all stay safe and stay healthy; let the mask achieved and to be just-a-keepsake in drawer someday.

Double-sided sequinned pattern

Double sided sequinned pattern; on notebook cover, cushion cover, kids wear…become so hot in market. In fact, it’s really playful stuffs indeed.

I bought my nieces small tee; one gets Spider-Man transforming to Captain America; another one from a pinky heart transforming into little pony; both are so cute surely the kids love it much.

Myself, wanna get one; sometimes let’s go childishly thought.

Found one not my favourite colour but cute too; a very big round pattern with a pink heart; or colour ver versa.

Due to the size is really too big I decided to make on my back and almost ensure kids would discover it a game to standing behind me. lol

To have the front not over plain: I made some embroidery with cut-out flowers from a piece of lace.


Mickey Patch-work Apron

A friend gave me a piece of Disney printed cotton piece which she has used her part and this leftover.

The dimensions of each printed pattern seems bit embraced in use.

Then I found I have a double-slip denim dress in my wardrobe, which I am no long cute to be in.

After couple of times trial to utilise the pattern pieces I finally made a “many pockets apron” and host a prize-less game on my Facebook “guess how many pockets here!”





先來一個暗胸褶、加回前後暗腰褶,而且…總要有些少我的 signature style 才像點樣。

所以說呀,別以為 model 的身裁才可穿美衣裳,要穿得好,一直以來的問題不在身型上,只是錯在那死物不夠好!

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Niece’s Minnie Dress

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就因為侄女一句嗲:「姑媽, 我想要Minnie 裙!」
Minnie 原款的上身好過時,所以我換成這樣,就為孩子去樂園時輕鬆點,涼爽點。