Gift Pack of Vanilla Yard

While everybody is busy on their Christmas gifts selection, merchants are busy for planning what’s next, in next Christmas racks.

The recent co-operation, was invited by Vanilla Yard; a licensed importer for organic food and specialist in spices. They imported directly from Madagascar premium spices farm to supply HK and Asian Cities in desserts making.

The star-shaped tealight candles was made by b.Gi Hydrangea. This is my first attempt to put raw grounded vanilla powder into candle making; and unexpectedly it’s completely not same to any vanilla favored candle I had experienced before, not sweet smelling cozy. Light and lasting.

I tested in different sized of container, and conclusion is the raw ingredient is best in candle not too big. It must be in soy wax and contained, completed and a final stirred by most final lowest temperature before pouring into the container, therefore tealight is the greatest portion.

It’s perfect to light up and remaining heat for the teapot, smelling the original vanilla but another effect for tasting vanilla in desserts on plate.

Make a mission on list, setup a romantic afternoon tea with my collectibles; and, this vanilla tea light candles….must be well set before next Christmas!

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