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Presently, my ideal workshop is still under progress and my mini home studio is not fitting enough for wide range of candle works.

Before Christmas I was doing my best to prepare my good friends a candle work Xmas present to tell them what exactly I am working on; but its really uneasy. Come along the situation of my mom’s healthcare, I only could do some, very few.

Ruby is one who knows pretty much about my craft making, we don’t see each other often but she may call up in quick to request my making of something special, by a sudden sometimes; usually not for her but some other people she found we need to concern right in time.

She referred me a friend she met in hospital, names Little-Fish, in her advance cancer. Ruby told me Little-Fish is a young fighter and she had an angel face before she got into the cancer.

Little-Fish loves to collect anything about Russian nesting doll, Ruby wishes to do something about this for delighting somehow. She called some crafters she knows and including me as certain, a craft campaign online and we send Little-Fish directly upon done; write her some boost words or anything we want to.

I made a small doll tag, for attempting a smile from Little Fish, with much my pleasure.

The tag was in another article—“Russian Doll, a DIY tag”.

For Ruby, I always love to send her little surprise; ease her days. She is another angel indeed. May force be with her all the times to fight her sickness.

This Christmas, I put her in my priority list, thanks god she received it right catching the time. She tag me back thank you said hesitating to light up my candle work, but;

Why not? What’s the function of candle? Light up our days, right?

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