Creative idea but carelessly re-production may harmful to your VIPs, event planner must caution.

If, I am not announcing to my friends that my candle work from hobby to profession; if, I am not gifting to my friends my candle works; if, I am not receiving their recycled containers for making more candle work….

I won’t learn more from discovering others’ good experience and/ or bad work.

My good friend loves a glass container soy wax I sent her earlier, she tried to dig out all her old stuffs the perfumed candles she was receiving or just bought somewhere. I tried to clean out some wax stain from the bottom of one spray-colored tumbler alike wax container, and the sprayed color inside faded onto my cleaning swipes; those color yet to transmit onto the swipe also performing ice-cracking inside the glass.

Shocked me in such, I up side down the glass bottom to check more carefully again the label remaining. Gosh, the safety label said it was a perfumed candle undoubtedly but it only safe to be candle holder and not suppose to be containing candle directly (what’s the difference when the candle enlightened inside? I don’t get it!)

Checked with my friend the origin of this tumbler, she said its premium presented from an event.

The color sprayed inside the tumbler obviously not safe to health under heat; that means to me, it completely not suppose to be used as candle work, not as holder but none of the use related to candle.

I decided not to use it for candle work and just strictly to recyclable-glass.

Jot this as note to reminding any whom loves to do anything about candle work; make sure the container is good and safe for heat, besides if its not wax leaking.

spray-color inside the tumbler fading out when wax stain cleaning by heater about 90-100 degree Celsius. And odor comes out.
a sticker found on bottom stating “not for candle burning” and “made in France”. I believe the tumbler is made in France but premium gift supplier got no concept about safe use of it.

Therefore, special note to remind event organizers, marketing professionals and any whom try to do something brand promotional campaigns; must firstly inspect your every items in your reproduction premium gifts created under your brilliant idea; but finally it may cause your VIPs in health issue; especially those related to heat condition.

Professionals in wax making always reminding, wax is chemical and all ingredients go strictly in our body, our sensations and influence to the health in long hours lasting via air, our breathe and skin absorbing.

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