Bun Fun

Maggie Wang, a Taiwanese instructor for Chinese bun making disclosed her bun-works on Facebook last year in a DIY discussion group; and those photos surprised a large number of DIYers.  I started to chat with her and was attempting to attend her class in Taiwan.

Before I get agenda to go Taiwan for her class, she has associated with a bakery classroom in HK.  She advised me to join her class with some friends.

It’s really exciting to see her, we have chatted online by time to time but this is our first time to meet in person.  I invited 2 friends to join the class, one is my intimate friend and another one is my colleague when my 1st job right after fresh-graduated; which is talking about 28 years ago and who we haven’t met for over 18 years.

The learning was wonderful, even our made buns are not as good as Maggie’s specimen.  They still a good works in our 1st trial, under rush hours in quick plenty of newbie learning.  Maggie’s teaching is great, she demonstrated steps and valuable sharing.

maggie bun class.jpg

Maggie’s book:  p0337107000015-item-9668xf3x0175x0250-m

Maggie’s classes please refer to Qo’eat蔻食 手創立體造型饅頭

After home, can’t wait to make my own try.


Not quite satisfied with the surface; thanks Maggie’s online advisory.

Then, I try something closer to my technique in corsage and clay making; then these comes out….how’s them,  not bad I guess.




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