Word Lantan, group in facebook

Trying to check into more info or works sharing in Facebook in Chinese calligrapahy but found its very few, and majority in Taiwan.  Wondering why so less people in HK would throw such discussion group as hobby sharing.  Seems generation under age 30 not quite in concern about handwriting.  This is a very sad fact finding.

Also feel sad that youngsters are interested in buying ink pens and nibs, for those English calligraphy writing, but surprised that ink pen is also great to be in Chinese calligraphy writing.  Why be surprised?  Just because of our city was solely focusing in technology development, and handwriting on papers has lost temperature from our livings.

My girl encourages me to throw a new discussion group in Facebook, and she names it formally “字蘭亭” we tried best to translate it into an English version as hard to be making an definite in language diff; but I finally picked “Word Lantan”.

Chinese 字蘭亭, origins 蘭亭集聚 is an ancient book in China about AD353; famous calligraphy celebrity Wang-Xi-Zhi and Xie-An to throw a banquet for gather all professors of literature in the country, then well recorded all wisdom and creatives in book.  This is more definitely tells the goal of the group.


In English, its not easy for picking an easier remember-able name but also fits the same meaning.  蘭 this word in Chinese sole means flower Orchid.  Lake Lantan is full of orchid planted; lake also has meaning of pooling for power of wisdom.

fb search bar.jpg

Not only Chinese calligraphy, we welcome brush calligraphy, and pen calligraphy for both Traditional Chinese and English.

Welcome to join us and enjoy writing….


This is using the page “color outside of the lines” in the book “Wreck this journal” by watercolor and writing.



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