Jewclay Class in Singapore

If you are living in Singapore, or any of your friend in Singapore is interested in making own jewelry; please tell him/her this is a class about‪ #‎Jewclay‬, a easy media for precious stones or crystals to be enchased, NO Oven, NO coloring; 8 hours stay in temperature can make your own jewelry design a durable wearing; but unique in your own character! ~~Enjoy Jewclay!

如果您的 Singapore 朋友對製作首飾感到興趣,就請邀請他/她參加這個‪#‎Jewclay‬ 課程吧!不要錯過這種簡易、不需烤焗、不需上色;但可以達到珠寶鑲嵌的技術,製作獨一無異的個人風格珠寶飾品!

jewclay class singapore


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