China produced AB Clay

Folk sometimes asked me if any cheaper clay produced somewhere cheaper than #Jewclay, #DeCoRe or #CrystalClay can be used as substitute.  One of my friend found me this names AB Clay produced in China.  She hand-carry for me, as this is prohibitory item if shipped outside China or even courier to HK.


After tested, I would say this is totally different thing from clay, this only could be called glue or gum.  When I try to pinch the called “clay”, the touch feeling is right same nipping a piece of chewed gum you pull out from your teeth; and no matter how skillful you are trying to fix the clay surface or smooth the mold-up on the plate it would stick back to your finger-tip.

I have no doubt on its to roll on a ball and then roll on the tiny crystal stones instantly for lower labor time but don’t expect the stones could be in a tidy order or on a perfect smoothness.

And Finally, I only could shape it in best I can to make it a rabbit look.


In fact, I would count this work a test but the clay is failed for its purpose.



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