private class on Apr11

a private tea party, with intimate friends and a cousin joined in with short notice.  Unexpectedly the kid of my friend really enjoyed much with her fingers dancing on Jewclay.  She even broke a new record my class, she completed 4 Jewclay works by herself within 2 hours session.  She helped her mom to complete 2 pairs of cliff links for her dad; what a sweet gifts bring home after a weekend time spend.

原先只不過相約兩位閨蜜茶聚,順便試玩 Jewclay;後來踫巧表弟經過臨時加入。最想不到的是最享受 Jewclay 樂的是閨蜜的女兒。別看她年紀小小,小手指很快已領會那巧妙的窺門和力度,指頭在 Jewclay 上輕跳舞著;還打破了我教學中兩小時體驗課可完成的作品紀錄,她自行完成四件作品,還幫媽媽手為爸爸造了兩對袖口鈕。呵!這位爸爸今個週末可得到最窩心的禮物啊!


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