special order from dearest mentor

Ms SS Choy, my life mentor; she was my teacher in my college days but we then had more and more precious time shared after I graduated from college.

She always supports and loves my jewelry designs even when I was just in beginner time; and not hard to see her wearing in those my works any other casual days.  I guess this is what real supportive and appreciative means; lovely her.

She asked me earlier a night why she hasn’t received any pandora styled bracelet yet, that she found both my affiliate Crafty Sue and I started to have those styles, she admires and place me a very special private order that I have no way to say cannot.

She wants to have gold rush + sweet mandarin color tone plus a little softy pink.


上次見她,她問我何不送她 JEWCLAY 新嘗試的潘多拉小珠手環;她喜歡,想也要一套。對於這樣的要求,我當然也歡喜不已。





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