Pandora styled JEWCLAY charms bracelet

This is my first trial for making Pandora styled charm beads by JEWCLAY and testing of its tolerance and stand for heavy wearing during travel.

The charm-bus was bought from a souvenir shop next to Harrords in London, picked a voiture because it round up a royal storybook mood.

Glittering beads was finished by fashion nail polishing.  It’s home in perfect after I even was splashed in roller coaster.

Pandora styled JEWCLAY beads class will be coming soon.  Welcome teenagers to join our class, we will let you have budget-cost but impressive unique styles.



圖中這組合中的巴士吊飾是來自倫敦哈洛德百貨店附近一家紀念品店的小物,挑了個貴族馬車,正好把英國皇室的故事書譜出了味道。那閃閃星,其實只不過是在 Jewclay 珠寶黏土成型筆後加上指甲油罷了。





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