Jewclay is also featured clay work

I always enjoy to mix the color of Jewclay, but sometimes I even forget that Jewclay is clay itself and good for shaping.

The “bird” parts is not easy to affix on the smoothness of shell and its weight difference, Jewclay as a certain good to fix and stick both 2 surfaces hard, but we could even do little bit more for shape the semblance of ringside.  This do, could fix the metal parts more strong and also in decorate purpose.

由於 JEWCLAY 在顏色上的混調是那樣出色,有時連我也會忘記了它本身其實也是一種黏土;既然是黏土,也就可以雕刻出一些形狀來。

這件作品,金件的小鳥部份要黏合到背面那貝殼上,對 Jewclay 的黏合用途來說,毫不困難;不過,我們可以再進一小步,把金件外圍的多餘的 Jewclay  雕上一些圖案,變成葉子;那就既把這較重的金件定好在薄薄的貝殼片上,也就簡單地為作品添了顏色。。



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