Up-cycling Set

Up-cycling Work; the necklace was broken into pieces some years ago, as how we see its in photo it has turned to out-fashioned and hard to match with clothing even yes I can fix it.  It’s a very ancient Chinese ink washing painting styled, nice but bit of too much not quite easy to carry in days.

I rather to transform them each in completely a new style.


First work, I let the biggest 2 parts which almost in same shape to be a new brooch.  One to be back by a semi-precious stone names wax gourd, loll with a fresh water pearl.

Another one, back by a golden painted wooden ring.




The smallest part, I back it on a piece of mother pearl.  This, besides tassel, Swarovski rhine stones on JEWCLAY made beads and a semi-precious stone names water-melon.  A full version but a emerald mood well integrated.

Certainly there are some design restricted in transformation, even JEWCLAY may not able to cover or replace as all.  They change to be useful in wardrobe again at least, worth do.




小的金件,我只能托上一片貝殼、圓片。為豐富整條中式垂掛長鍊,把 JEWCLAY 搓成陶珠,配上Swarovski 晶鑽。加了片厚重的西瓜石;這件作品加入了很多元素,但整合了一條很有綠寶感的呢。



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