This is the last design item Design’s team to submit at the last hour by deadline for #CRECRA for a handmade design contest, names SHOW ME CRAFT, which is held jointly by CRECRA x Joint Publishing Ltd.

The Subject is GIFT FOR NEW HOME

It possibly not having enough time for calling vote, but we made it, a series of 3 items under a team work.

It’s already our greatly pleasure if you just like it. Design has prepared wine charms, wine glasses; how can we miss out a wine opener. See this sweet lovers to help for open your wine. Cheers!

這作品是 Design 團隊在CRECRA x 三聯書店合辦的一個以「新居賀禮」為題的手作創作比賽中,最後一小時前趕起的最後一件設計作品。



IMG_9827_wine opener f

IMG_9827_wine opener m IMG_9833_wine opener


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