WINE GLASS SET DESIGNED FOR CRECRA Design 被邀請參加由 CRECRA x 三聯書店合辦的一個以「新居賀禮」為題的手作創作比賽。我和星加坡的 Crafty Sue Lau 一起合作設計了以紅酒杯套裝,配以 #JEWCLAY# 及各顏色 #SWAROVSKI 晶鑽的配搭的作品參加。有留意 Design x JEWCLAY 發展的朋友,也許發現,將 JEWCLAY 引用到紅酒杯的實用性上的創作,這設計早在11月時,特別為褔幼基金的20週年晚宴禮品而誕生;之後照片得到很多朋友的讚賞;我和Sue 就決定以這個作為參賽作品。

相約朋友到家品酒同歡,最麻煩是要認回各自的酒杯。不同設計的香檳酒杯可解決此煩惱,金黃色設計加上不同顏色之閃石為酒杯增添華麗氣派。JEWCLAY 粘土防水兼硬度高,完全無需擔心清潔問題。

1) 投票請擊入下面圖片即 CRECRA x 三聯書店 的比賽頁
2) 在頁尾的”LIKE” 分享到你 Facebook 去。
感謝大家對我們支持! Design is invited by #CRECRA for a handmade design contest, names SHOW ME CRAFT, which is held jointly by CRECRA x Joint Publishing Ltd.


Wine Glass Charm is a popular but special item for individual collection which can be used to dress your glass up, or for presenting to dear friends to celebrate any celebration and event or any other occasions, it’s really the essential and wonderful favor for all the parties. However, we may find our wine charms every time when we need them ready for next coming event….how about different colored #Swarovski rhine stones strictly label your wine glass as build-in feature?

We need your vote, certainly; if you like our design. Please:
1) click into the photo link to the contest page
2) click “LIKE” at the page button and share this with your friends in your Facebook.

Thank you for your support to Design!

CRECRA wineglass 1 CRECRA wineglass 2


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