Chopsticks 一雙一對的幸福寓意

There are so many new couples would like a pair of chopsticks to be their wedding party keepsake, gifting for all their treasure guests.  This is definitely good idea representing moral of long lasting marriage, supporting each other for entire life and further wish to an opulent family.

However, the name and wedding date to be engraved on chopsticks seems out-dated and guests found hesitation to use in their home or found no more surprise in those ordinary design.

Let’s watch how I do on a pair of basic chopsticks (macassar ebony) with jewel by JEWCLAY.

Special suggestion to wedding planners:  JEWCLAY in event theme color, jewel with couple initials or Chinese wedding icon word “囍”

For any weddinguse handmade JEWCLAY keepsake design, please email us for more information.




不如看看 JEWCLAY 在這事情上帶來怎麼樣的突破。

(建議婚禮中使用 JEWCLAY 調出婚禮主題色,可配上新人名字代表字母,或囍字裝飾;更多詳情歡迎來郵查詢。)









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