If Jewclay jewelry is rain proof?

都說這始終是喚作「黏土」的東西,如果就我配戴 JEWCLAY 的飾物時,遇上大雨,哪怎辦?黏土會不會融掉的?

問得正好。看我很多時在製作好的 JEWCLAY 飾物後,把指頭不小心帶上了作品,殘留了些黏土黏答答的,把作品弄髒了;我也就像下面圖片中這樣,使用薄皂刷上一個軟刷,小孩子牙刷那種就對了;這樣就能把飾物作品清洗乾淨。不過,當然,必須是已經平放在室溫通爽的地方超過八小時,讓 JEWCLAY 部份全乾透後才清洗。

雖然快速清洗及雨水都不會讓 JEWCLAY 融了,但也不能把作品丟到水裡水期浸泡的啊。

This is a good question.  We call JEWCLAY a type of clay, even it may fix precious stones well but what happen if we wear the jewelry in rain?

Let me show you strictly what we do after the work is dried thru.

Let's wash your JEWCLAY works under clean water with a soft brush.

I certainly do it every time to have some clay stain on parts from my finger tips; ensure your JEWCLAY work has been completely dried thru out for over 8 hours.  Light soap bubbles on a soft brush washing under clean tap water is good enough.

It’s rain proof but don’t soak it in water for long hours.



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