Great Ideas of Jewelry Design Online

Internet world is really working great for whom keep learning and thirsty for knowledge.

Sometimes in past, I found good ideas of jewelry design and wanna share with friends, I might share it with few finger tips in Facebook or elsewhere similar; but not every friend discover my goal in seeking of their further discussion about how it makes of or any simplify way to make one or any even better solution; after their quick view and pass on.

In here, I would clip some researched items and hope to share with more fashion jewelry lovers.

I may keep on……learning, sharing and making.

In case any photo I sourced from web but unwillingness of disclosure, copyright owner please do not hesitate to drop me a note.  I will remove it from our webpage safely.

Photo sourced online from

Embroidery part in center is one of my idea but I was hesitated in the surrounded trimming.  This is a very nice design and color matching leading an antique affinity of it balance on softness and glittering.



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