Purchase JEWCLAY 8 colors

JEWCLAY is produced in South Korea, trademarked and certificated jewelry use clay. JEWCLAY represents hand made jewelry clay, made from the special epoxy resin.  It is very easy to use by anyone to fix all kinds of Rhine stones, glass work, semi or previous stones on top adhesive with no need at all for any glue or oven for hardening.  It means no limitation for creation to have any Rhine stones, glass diamonds or any metal materials combine in a DIY work that most of the users always dream for.

NO OVEN, NO COLORING; stay your work in a safe place in room temperature for 8 hours.  After dried thorough, safe to be in quick washing in thin soap water.

Easy, but can be a durable accessories.

We have 8 basic color clay for choice.

Now, all worldwide shoppers may order thru b.gi Design; the authorized dealer locates in Hong Kong.  Privilege service specially for HK shoppers, HK$180/ pack of total 40g (10g color clay-A, 10g white clay-A and 20g clay-B) is now market.


【JEWCLAY】 是韓國生產及製造,已得到韓國安全產品驗証及專利註冊之珠寶黏土。以塑土的特性配以礦石粉末令不同材質的小金件、半寶石及水晶鑽…等等不同的物料,得以直接接合;使用簡單的工具,就可以自由組合,達到珠寶鑲嵌效果。再加入無限創意,就能輕易設計出千變萬化的時尚飾品。

JEWCLAY 珠寶黏土亦可配搭珍珠、瑪瑙、琉璃玻璃、半寶石甚至任何寶石。

毋需烤箱、毋需上色;只需要在室溫中停放八小時,Jewclay 即可以將鑲配在上面的寶石配件牢牢鑲好。


韓國出品的 JEWCLAY 共有8色。

現在,韓國以外地區,由【b.gi Design】全權代理。

香港區手作人,只需 HK$180 就可以選購 JEWCLAY 40g 包裝一盒 (八色任選)。






Arts Wing Event Planner Ltd.
DBS: 016-494-473548615





clay_yellow_R1 clay_red_R1 clay_purple_R1 clay_pink_R1 clay_green-R1 clay_brown_R1 clay_blue_R1 clay_black




jewclay swarovski color match table


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