A simple skirt not that simple

Make my own goodself a summer skirt, I assumed its just simple.

However is, the length for a good ratio of the fading color pattern on fabric is causing me much hesitated.


My work on me

Presenting my works in Handicraft Market at Green House, the historical building in Wanchai, Hong Kong.

And, I, certainly present my work.  This is Swarovski Rhine stones jewclayed on Miao-silver neck ring.

Miao silver always be presented in its ethically traditions.  Jewclay colors it in nonordinary form and let Rhine stones sparkling in all wises. 

girls’ talk – make a sleeping gown

girls talk not only apply to age, we the age also do too, of course.

what married women, who those grow together since school-time to do?  cooking, craft making, gossip our men, traveling…. no diff.

my girl friend called and wanna make a sleeping gown likes mine, once she noticed the one I posted in Facebook another day. A pajama set.


we then make it in once as next coming mission in weekend.


she has not much tailoring skill, in our days at school there were no sewing room available in the new college we entered.  she has few times to use my sewing machine and smart enough to do under my guideline.

we used 4 hours and have this done.  not bad thou.