Double-sided sequinned pattern

Double sided sequinned pattern; on notebook cover, cushion cover, kids wear…become so hot in market. In fact, it’s really playful stuffs indeed.

I bought my nieces small tee; one gets Spider-Man transforming to Captain America; another one from a pinky heart transforming into little pony; both are so cute surely the kids love it much.

Myself, wanna get one; sometimes let’s go childishly thought.

Found one not my favourite colour but cute too; a very big round pattern with a pink heart; or colour ver versa.

Due to the size is really too big I decided to make on my back and almost ensure kids would discover it a game to standing behind me. lol

To have the front not over plain: I made some embroidery with cut-out flowers from a piece of lace.


Little gift for a new special couple

A new couple just overcome the flood in their house; everything finally settled.

Send them a little gift for their newly fix-up home.

Cloth piece, ribbon, badge Mr & Mrs Potato Head; they are so cute, come from my clearance of workshop; however I am sure my friend who know me much don’t mind so.

Is this right, my dear Mr & Mrs Potato Head. 😉

Mickey Patch-work Apron

A friend gave me a piece of Disney printed cotton piece which she has used her part and this leftover.

The dimensions of each printed pattern seems bit embraced in use.

Then I found I have a double-slip denim dress in my wardrobe, which I am no long cute to be in.

After couple of times trial to utilise the pattern pieces I finally made a “many pockets apron” and host a prize-less game on my Facebook “guess how many pockets here!”



Some jade accessories or gem stones accessories not seldom in my collection, but those I usually sent to Tomoko my Japanese friend; she was the one love those my handmade and her favorite Jade especially.

I didn’t focus much on jade accessories myself but few nice ones have been good keepsakes in my treasure already.

Found these jade parts in recent and try to re-organize them in a cutie and more practical for causal mix & match.

Lunar New Year is coming, let’s them on me.





先來一個暗胸褶、加回前後暗腰褶,而且…總要有些少我的 signature style 才像點樣。

所以說呀,別以為 model 的身裁才可穿美衣裳,要穿得好,一直以來的問題不在身型上,只是錯在那死物不夠好!

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Niece’s Minnie Dress

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就因為侄女一句嗲:「姑媽, 我想要Minnie 裙!」
Minnie 原款的上身好過時,所以我換成這樣,就為孩子去樂園時輕鬆點,涼爽點。